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Best Smartphones List under Rs. 5000?

Gone are the days when smartphones were the luxury only wealthy can afford.A small section of the Indian society possesed phones with smart features,high resolution IPS screens and decent cameras.

But things drastically changed as the android OS entered the market.Classic brands like NOKIA failed to identify the change and got lost in the storm that came .While brands like Samsung and LG were smart enough to ride on the tide and make a household name for themselves.Their quarter sales double,tripled and went on improving.But even these brands failed to cater the Indian masses fully which looked for great devices with  small price tags.Then came the Indian brands like Karbon and Micromax which eventually changed the scene.Now smartphones were not the thing of the rich.Middle and lower section of the society started placing their hands on the new kinds of phones. This increased the smartphone sales many fold which further help reduce the prices.

Today ,if you are planning to buy a smart phone ,you have options in every criteria ,whether it be price,specs or brand ,there are plenty of options to choose from. 

To help you make the right decision, we have listed down the top 10 mobiles under 5k (less than 5000)  in India for January 2017.

 This list contains the best smartphones under Rs. 5,000 which offer the best overall performance in a very competitive price. This year ,with the entry of JIO 4G services the main features which were kept in mind before launching any device were support for 4G LTE or VOLTE. Apart from these , smartphones also offered decent rear cameras which can take good images in natural light and front cameras for taking selfies. We have taken all these features into consideration in making this list for the best phones under Rs 5000.

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