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LG G6 -Specifications,Release date and Price.





Expected to be launched late this feb,The LG G6 is rumoured to feature Google's Android 7.0 Nougat  with wireless charging.


LG previously did went ahead of others in bringing  a innovative new design factor.It introduced the modular design factor in its previous phone the LG G5.But despite the innovative design and the great specs sported by the device,LG failed to market it fully.


LG hopes to make up for that with its new flagship G6 .G6 may have the modular design factor along with some major design tweak with the motive to gain the ,expected applause from the users.This phone from LG is going to pack inside some serious stuffs if it plans to contend with the current market leaders.Going by some recent leaks and clues from the statements from various officials directly or indirectly connected to the company give us a brief picture of the probable device from LG .These specs will be the deciding factor whether Life's Good or not really  at the company center..




Below are the details of what we could most probably expect from LG this time.


Design: Going by the design we can expect a shift from the regular bar form to a modular one.We can find a fused form of glass and metal ,giving  a more glassy look.The edges might be slightly curved but not like the ongoing trends with edge displays.LG may introduce the thin frame concept in the new flagship phone.The  phone may incorporate a bezel thats just 0.2 mm wide and at the sides and 0.5 mm wide at the bottom.This also give the clue that the Home button will be incorporated in the display itself instead of a seperate mechanical one.The Fingerprint sensor will be placed at the front and incorporated right in the display itself.The overall design will be sleek and sexy.




Display:We may expect a screen size of 5.7" with the use of OLED or super AMOLED.The display is expected to sport a  brlliant resolution of about  2560 x 1440  and 541 ppi .The display of the LG G6 is believed to come with a touch sensor embedded inside the display.LG has also claimed that the display would consume 30 percent less battery in comparison to similar-sized displays. The new display of LG G6 will be 1 millimetre thick with 0.2 millimetre thick bezels .LG has incorporated the “Always-On Display” feature in the LG G6  with a brighter display .The display will probably be protected by the  latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5.




CAMERA:Speaking of the camera, the LG G6 may bring the  wide angle dual-rear camera for the first time in a flagship.We may expect  a  dual 16-megapixels rear camera that can be increased to 21-megapixels with video recording options at 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps.The front may sport a dual 12 MegaPixels camera.The combined work of the two cameras may give a better DOF perception.The option of 3D recording and playback also cannot be ruled out.




LG G6 Processor:


The upcoming LG G6 will be powered by a 10 nm chip,the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor .The eight core chip will reduce power consumption by an estimate of 40% or increase performance by 27 %, depending on its configuration.The new chip will come with Quick charge 4.0,which means quicker charging of battery.






Storage:The new LG G6 will be flaunting a mammoth 6GB of RAM .This memory size will be able to cater the memory requirements  for all the available applications.Coupled with the great processing power  of the new 10nm chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon ,the 6gb ram will surely satisfy all the computing needs for a phone.The phones may be expeced to come with an internal capacity of 64GB or 128 GB.However the capacity can be increased using a sd card upto 256 GB.







LG 6 is sure to come with latest version of the Android OS – Android 7.0 Nougat.The UI may include the app drawer ,but with tweaks. The phone will feature a host of advance security features like fingerprint and iris scanner. The finger print will be placed in the front and incorporated in the display itself.





LG G6 Battery: More Powerful Battery :


LG G5 may feature a 2800mAh battery which is a bit disappointing, keeping in mind the display size and the always-on display,thing.However LG G6   may be the only flagship to feature a removable battery.  If we believe the latest rumours, LG G6 will come with the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 standard and will also facilitate the users with the wireless charging facility.One more important thing we can expect is the inclusion of the new heat pipes.

Following the debacle of the Samsung Galaxy S7,most companies are finding a way to tackle with the heat problem.The LG G6 will use the old copper heat pipe technique used in laptop PCs,netbooks and some tablet PCs to tackle with the heat issue. The copper heat pipe is  expected to keep the battery temperature well withing limits even at temperatures like 150 degrees centrigade.




If the phone lives upto the expectatons,then its surely will make LIFE GOOD at the company's center.



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